Friday, 25 May 2007

Freak Out

Where can I get some cute geek baby clothes?*

Uhhmm, Barnes and Noble right between Modern English Usage, How To Use A Spellchecker And Google?

*No link. Trust me: it's true.

The Large Mating Elephants In The Room

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Passionate Users

Diet Twitter 2.0 β

Everything Is Misc.


Fictional Pigs.

Off The Griddle

You could watch Scoble trying to figure out how to get free crap for his Christ Baby while conversating with the grande latte dames from BlogHer. (s t r e a m i n g flash alert)

Maryam gets the ball rolling with her excellent signature baby voiced interview-fu because, you know, she's a woman too.

It feels like a long pre-school interview. My ass hurts from sitting in this tiny chair.

Or you could watch The Stepford Wives and a little Fatty Arbuckle. Or Prisoner.